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Merry Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa!


Merry Merry Christmas!!

It is a bit cool but still sunny enough outside to be barefoot most of the day.  We will ride out bikes and play outside all day.  We just set up a tipi with lodgepoles we brought down on the top of our motorhome from friends in Montana and hung a rope on it for climbing.    Mazie and Trent can go up and down but Holt and I are lucky to get a few handpulls up so far.  This afternoon we’ll go to friends in town to eat together – they have posole and menudo and we’ll bring corned beef and cabbage and mashed potatoes and cheesecake.  Wish you could come too.  We just rented  a little place in town and will be staying there much more to be part of things here.  Have had wonderful fiestas for the kids with pinatas and jumping castles.  Holt has lost his shyness and we frequently see him surrounded by Mexican kids who are listening to him say something – I have no idea what.  When I ask him what he’s saying he says “Si”.  Anyway we’re all really excited to be involved in the community a lot more now.

Much love to all of you!!

 We have recorded lots of things for you to listen to – poems and stories that we recorded for Ruby and Eddie.   Maybe you will feel closer to us when you listen too.  You can just click the links below to listen over and over.  Make sure you click each link because they’re all different.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you from us.  Much love!!!

Mama Panya’s Pancakes part I …  and part II


One Morning in Maine part I  …..   and part II

Wild Child

I’m in Charge of Celebrations

Tawny Scrawny Lion

Blueberries for Sal

Too Many Pumpkins

The Little Boy’s Secret

The Sound of Water (poem)

Saturday Surprise


The Little Island

The Ox Cart Man

Shel Silverstein Poetry – God Steers

Shel Silverstein Poetry  – Mr. Spits and Mr. Spats

Shel Silverstein Poetry – Gumball Machine

Shel Silverstein Poetry – Anteater

Shel Silverstein Poetry – Musical Career

Shel Silverstein Poetry – Homework Machine

Shel Silverstein Poetry – Come Skating

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