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This would be easier in person but you might enjoy the subject anyway.  It’s for the back of my neck, about 3 1/2 ” and 1″ wide except wider at the center chakra (green)  and the lotus at the top.

This is the general style I’m looking for, loose swirls and spirals:

And this is the basic symbol:  The picture ‘kundalini’ – specifically look at the kundalini helix and chakra rainbow flower/symbols in the center (without wings or surroundings) in

but with a wider lotus flower on top, kind like the one on the bottom of this:


If the back of my neck is too tiny for detailed little flowers, then instead maybe we could just do the dancing spiral/helix in the rainbow colors and skip the flowers inside.

Here’s another symbol of the phenomenon:

and here is how it feels:

Another idea of the dancing feeling at the ‘kundalini rising’ photo:

That’s some food for thought.  See you at noon and I can be patient if this is currently too loose-ended.  Thanks so much for your good work today on a tattoo that meant a lot to two families.









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