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Safe Social Media for Girls

March 9, 2013

The best magazine I have ever seen for girls 8-15 or so just arrived in the mailbox and I am so impressed with its collaborative, girl-powered presentation that I have to share it!  I know there are other parents and grandparents out there who are searching for a great outlet for self-expression for their girls.

MagazineMazie has been a member of New Moon Girls online for awhile now and it has given her a rich, safe environment to begin experimenting with social media and an online persona, avatars, chat, posting art and poems…  The art of knowing how much and what to share online – how to present ourselves – is a skill we are all developing, but kids need to know it right from the start now.   NMG is giving her the space to develop this skill, to connect with thinking girls around the world, to share her opinion and experiment with her ideas.  She is not ready to create a Facebook presence, and I am not ready to police her interactions to the extent that would require for safety.  NMG offers a safe pool for this self-expressive play and learning.  But beyond that, it is a RICH place with incredible collaboration and imagination between girls of similar ages.  Living in a second language has cut her off from a lot of the camaraderie with like minds like I enjoyed growing up, and this magazine and website has made her feel connected socially.  Many young contributors to the magazines are living unconventional lives – she feels less alone.

Well, the print magazine is every bit as great as the web membership.   Its advice columns are not only questions from girls, but answered by girls – they are heavily involved in creating and editing the content.   There are a lot of thinking kids on there, a lot of avid readers and writers, a lot of homeschoolers and unschoolers and Harry Potter fans.  I urge you to check it out and if you know any girl in this age group who wants to explore and express, gift them a subscription to this unique magazine and website!

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