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March 11, 2012
A pickynick

A picnic

A pickynick

Picnic with Aaron and Adamaris


Puertocitos, hot springs in the Sea of Cortez


Puertocitos (and Osito)

A pickynick



Puertocitos Hot Spring

Carnaval San Felipe 2012

Carnaval San Felipe 2012


Puertocitos Hot Spring

A pickynick

Picnic with Miguel and Marevel

Puertocitos is an easy drive south from San Felipe. We went on a full moon day but next time will choose a half moon when there is the least difference between high and low tide, for a longer soak. Only between very high and very low tide is the water the right soaking temperature and depth. Arriving three+ hours before high tide would be ideal. The car was charged only $100 pesos (about $8), but I have heard as high as $20 US. Having Mexican friends along sure didn’t hurt the price.

Another good picnic spot was the caves just a few miles past the end of Saltito, turning left into them as the road turns right.

Learning how to use our GPS we finally tried our hands at Geocaching this week.  There are so many fun little caches all over hidden right under our noses!

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