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The Power of Prayer and Intention

December 15, 2011

A snippet from Dance Through It, a little ebook about big things.  We join the story in the hospital after a crushing car accident, existing from breath to excruciating breath….

I crossed into a state that was deep, fundamental, irreducible. An ocean of exquisite sensitivity, of omnisentience (sensing everywhere at once), turned me inside out to reveal itself at the core. Losing every sense of distinction, I floated as part of this gloriously intelligent web of light. Even the awesome flavors and energies from previous states of consciousness looked trivial compared to this luminous irreducible force, this field of existence. It seemed to be an order of magnitude different from the earlier experiences. This was the force of consciousness itself. There was no ‘I’ left whatsoever, not even the broad perspective from the life review. My boundaries as a human and as a spirit were completely erased. Witnessing from a localized single point, my perspective was simultaneously spread through the multidimensional, nonlocalized perspective of the entire web.  There was no end and no beginning, like the lake underneath the forms that dance through our lives.  This was beyond bliss, beyond truth, beyond peace and ecstasy and all the searing emotions of the previous stages. It was stillness in the middle, consciousness without form.

In the distance a gentle wave swelled up, moving across the ocean of light toward the point of perspective assigned to me. As it arose I became aware that this wave was the concerns, prayer, and emotions being streamed toward me from hundreds of people I knew in this life and from many others who had only heard about my situation. My point of perspective rose as the wave reached it, and correspondingly I was lifted, just a little, from the pain in my body. It became a little lighter to bear.

I had just viscerally witnessed prayers and intentions became physical, tangible reality. (In using the word ‘prayer’ I mean something an atheist could easily do as well as a theologian – no special form, just focused will propeled by the power of love and concern. ) It was made known to me that this was Consciousness creating Form through Intention. Nothing exists until it rises into form on this field. Every single bit of material in the world – even the computer or paper you’re reading this on, and the stardust that nourishes your marrow, and the paint on the wall, and the dog you love, and each single hair on his loppy ear – must have begun there on the sacred field of consciousness, shaped by the impulse of intention. There is no ‘there’ there.

Coming back into this human life, this is the singlemost vision that set my mind back to zero, like a child, as I struggled to understand how to interact in this world again – this world of imaginary objects and entitities. For the rest of my life I have watched as the most fleeting and buried intentions – the ones we don’t even think we have – manifest in external situations within our health or circumstances or in others. Undigested impulse and well-suppressed emotion snake out to wreak havoc externally. They create material situations and tangible real-world repercussions. I see that one of the greatest jobs I’m given in this life is to wrestle these very human energies into unified, directed control of a heart- and mind-empowered will.

Dance Through It can be downloaded right now for $5.99.

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  1. Stacey DiTata permalink
    December 15, 2011 3:35 pm

    Your description of your experience reinforces many concepts and beliefs that I have forged through meditation and thought. You are a true gift to our community here in San Felipe. “The end of all your exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot

    • December 15, 2011 5:27 pm

      OH Stacey, I’ve never heard that quote. It’s perfect, isn’t it? I am so very grateful to have you here.

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