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Pocketful of Rocks

November 3, 2011

P9231487To keep from being overrun with stones and seeds and shells, we have a loose rule – we each keep our pocket-findings to only two per hike.  Over two and a half years throughout the western US, the swamps of the south, and Baja desert and ocean, and after much giving away and sharing, this is a distillation of the kids’ collection.  Eucalyptus seedcones from the coast, white pine resin from the Rockies, citrine from White Sands, gypsum and crystals from the Mojave, sandstone from Utah’s San Rafael Swell….

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  1. July 10, 2012 5:07 am

    Hi! We are just getting started with our new adventure of living in our travel trailer. I love this idea for all the rocks and special things they will find! I even have that container. I love your two item rule too!! My children could fill that box on one outing easily! This is such a simple yet very helpful idea. Thanks!

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