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Occupy Tucson

October 26, 2011

“Historically, a story about people inside impressive buildings ignoring or even taunting people standing outside shouting at them turns out to be a story with an unhappy ending.”   – Lemony Snicket for the Occupy Writers movement.

Baja beckoned this month, so we made our way down from Montana pausing for work and friends along the way.

In Tucson, we stopped at Armory Park to check out what’s happening with Occupy Tucson.  The kids and Trent visited, played in the grass, and helped protesters strap up a slackline for balance play between trees while I gave free chair massages to the long-term volunteers and herbal first aid salves to the street medics.

There’s a community kitchen where everyone in the park comes to get fed, community ‘store’ of giveaway items, and some level of free health care.  I hear Occupy Wall Street even has an impressive community library forming.  Some of these Tucson folks can nearly claim responsibility (council meeting tonight!)  for helping Tucson to roll back its ordinances and allow public gathering at any time in public parks.  Reclaiming the right to peaceful assembly in public spaces is an important victory.

Messages seemed pretty mixed, with some informed folks and some just energized and ready to work for justice but unable to articulate exactly the point.  There are so many fronts of importance right now, even the people with clarity were all over the map in their desires for outcome.  Many age groups and types of people were in evidence.

“People first.   Corporations last.”

“Reform the Banks”

“When the rulers won’t listen the people have to make a noise”

“Say no! Endless war, discrimination, exploitation, global hegemony, unchecked corporate greed, unsustainable environmental and agricultural practices”

“The system wasn’t broken.  It was built this way.”

“If we were lazy we’d be watching this on TV”

Let’s try to sum it up….

                                         Corporations Are Not People.

As I see it so far, this is the kingpin issue.  It’s a constitutional amendment we can all get behind, all of us of every single political stripe.  It is, in my opinion, the only hope we have against corporate control of our government, media, medicine, food, bodies…    all of them in one strike.

We don’t have the luxury of corporate media to get our message out for us, so we will have to unify, from Tea Partiers to Occupiers, and choose one idea only.

For everyone out there who wants change, take some time to think about the transformations that would filter through our legal and legislative systems as a result of this one amendment.  Start a conversation with the thinking people in your life, and brainstorm if there is any more effective single strike that could be taken.  And then let me know what you come up with  🙂

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