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Into March – when will this long cold winter be over?

March 4, 2011

Now I too have gone the way of most mexican tradesman, I have become a part time, by necessity, auto mechanic. Without boring anyone to death with details, suffice it to say that I’ve spent as much or better the time in Mexico repairing faulty fuel pumps and filters, rusty gas tanks and bad batteries than I have carpentering. But I’m optimistic and believe most problems in that arena behind us, if not at least down the road some distance, hopefully. I’m excited to do more major remodeling armed with little more than my cordless DeWalt set, some hand tools and a rusty catspaw and crow bar that I found in the shed. Should be interesting, and I’ll dream wantingly of my storage unit of power tools back in Montana. So far we’ve mostly reclaimed the property, worked on entrances, fixed the shower(yea, we have a shower for the first time in twenty months), put up clothes line, and lost 300 gallons of water almost overnight, to a leaky toilet pump. Oh wait, was that out loud. Hey, it’s gravity fed, I just thought it was taking a long time to fill up the tank.

baja januar 018

Off to school in Victoria

Mazie Jane is loving school. She makes new friends daily and her spanish fundamentals like the alphabet, pronunciation, and counting have made big strides. The whole family takes part in her homework. She is absolutely adorable in her mexican school girl uniform; white, short sleeved, collared, button down, pleated navy skirt and white knee high socks. She fits in. Except for the blonde hair. Her name is tough for most to say, but you can just make out the MayeeJay.

Baja FebMar speech 008Holt did three days of kinder. He did not take kindly to it. He played when the kids were chasing but the group activities were a bit overwhelming. Fine with us. He’s only four and we’ll try next year. Cam and I are happy to have him home alone anyway. With the kids being together so much over the past year and a half, it’s good for him. At his age, he’s doing a pretty good job just soaking up spanish with out school.


Chi Vitality class on the beach during a cold snap

Cam’s yoga classes and core classes are going great. She’s averaging around high twenty’s in attendance, two days a week. One class is held in the morning on the beach and the other is on the soft grass at the golfcourse, overlooking the ocean. Pretty cool spots to teach. She’s in her element; doing what she loves most, educating and helping people at the same time. People here were ready for this type of teacher, physically and spiritually, and they’re showing lots of support and appreciation.

I’ve been wanting to write this next subject down every time I find myself doing it. It’s what I call “wind bathing”. Now before I tell you what it is, which is pretty easy to figure out anyways, don’t dismiss me as crazy. It works, or at least feels like something when you’ve had nothing for sometime. It’s as simple as it sounds, and the desert is the perfect place for them. Warm, sunny day highly preferred, almost necessary really. A good steady wind a must. Dressed in shorts only, stand into the wind just like you would the spray from a shower head and rub your body all over with your hands. Actually, you could even use a dry wash cloth but I’m not one to pry things away from simplicity. That’s it. It works, to some degree. It takes off a layer of dry skin, kinda like a good shave feels, but not near as good really, whom I kidding. Like I said, it’s better than nothing.
Note to particularly concerned mother: I am bathing and wearing clean underwear(well, most of the time).

baja februar 047

Augusto loving a box of his hair

If it’s one thing we’ve been reminded of by being here it’s that sitting in one place takes up a lot of time. School, cars, jobs, blah blah blah, all take time. Before, it was just us cruising from some place to another and we could take care of things along the way. Doesn’t work like that when you join society in a traditional setting. The whole school thing, I mean, it requires a car and dropping off and picking up and as I said the whole car thing is it’s own black time hole. It’s a nice change for us really. We’re sitting in one place for a while but we haven’t left the adventure. Mexico is one big life adjustment, nothing happens on regular time, it’s all slow mo and that’s great cause there’s lots to take in.

The weather has been most wonderfully to our liking. Days are mostly the high 60’s to low 70’s and nights into the low 50’s. We did have two different cold spells of windy days not above high 50’s and nights down into mid 30’s. Our outdoor dishwater even froze this past week. Glad that’s over with.

Baja February 032

Unique trigger fish

I got a chance to go fishing in the ocean with a friend. It’s all bottom fishing soafter five minutes of letting your line sit on the bottom, if there’s no action, you move. After about two hours of moving around, which, by the way, I can think of worst days than tooling around the blue ocean in perfect weather in a boat, we hooked into a school of perch and rock bass. At this point alls you have time for is; bait, set the hook, reel em’ in. You’re outfitted with double hooks so quite often you’re reeling in two, one to two pound fish on the same line. With allthe weight thats already on the line to keep it put on the bottom of the ocean, thats a heavy haul to reel in. You actually get tired and abit sore. It’s so different than the subtleties of trout fishing; placing a fly, setting a hook at just the right time(gently but just enough) and the quickness of hand and patients to land it. No, in this style of fishing you grunt hard when you set the hook and reel baby reel. It was great fun and we packed some fish in the freezer. We’re in the fish tacos!

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  1. MomE permalink
    March 4, 2011 12:53 pm

    I was getting impatient for a post……and thanks for the assurance of a bath and clean underwear. I’m your mother and it’s my job to worry about those things. Great pictures of you on that big blue ocean! I know you had a blast.

  2. Joe & Beck permalink
    March 4, 2011 2:15 pm

    So sorry to hear about your cold temperatures. We’ve been sitting pretty at zero last night, high of 25 degrees today.

    Feel like, wish like, we were there sitting with you in the sand.

    Miss you, my friends. 🙂

  3. March 7, 2011 6:58 pm

    ‘Tis so great to hear from you all again. I don’t know what paradise is like, but it seems to me that you’re close. Wish I could take time out to bring my tools down there to help out.

    Winter is fading here in NM and we’re anxious to get back to work at El Cerrito. We’ve started the process of getting formal plans for our ‘cabin’ and will work towards getting the foundation laid by end of May with stacking, plastering, etc., etc. to follow.

  4. dlk permalink
    March 8, 2011 1:10 am

    Alright Im caught up for a month or two… Great mohawk Holt! Mazie is a doll ya’ll! Glad to hear Cami’s doing well! and last but not least glad to see you fishing and bathing bro! Me Im getting ready for farm work after a lil winters break! Peace and Love to you all! Luego!

  5. March 9, 2011 4:41 am

    I’m very excited to find a fulltime RVing family in Mexico! We’re planning a trip to Panama soon.

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