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School for the Unschoolers

January 6, 2011
Our kids started Mexican school today!  Well, Mazie jumped in but Holt will take a little more convincing even though he’s psyched about the singing, dancing, climbing and art he saw when we stopped in to kinder.  The little four year old girls were all standing in line for their teacher to put kids’ blue eyeshadow on them for fun!!  Then they crowded around Holt and wanted him to talk to them but he was too shy to muster anything but “Hola”.  So far.  When we went back after an hour to check on Mazie, she was hiding under a tree at recess with a bunch of giggly friends and told us happily we should just go away.  When she realizes there’s a little bodega on the playground where everyone is buying their Cheetos, she will be even harder to get out of there.  Then she brought homework home in Spanish which was good for all of us – family homework night.  After twenty months of freewheeling/unschooling, tomorrow morning it starts up for real from 7 – noon!   I don’t care what they learn, if they pick up some Spanish and friendships.
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