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Montana Summer… so far

July 14, 2010
Montana Summer 240

Catching a toad near Cold Creek

Montana Summer 211

Sitting on Janet's porch in the Mission Mountains with Gabe and Jemma

Montana Summer 237

One popular toad

Cold Creek 013

Partner Pretzle, Mazie Jane and Jemma

Montana Summer 195

Hanging out at the Montana Herb Gathering near Butte

Find the Grizzly

FIND THE GRIZ - SHE'S WATCHING YOU. On a run the other day, I was almost home when the rounded silver shoulders of a griz rooting next to the road caught my eye. I jumped behind a tree, then sang loudly as I ran back to the main road to flag a car, to get him used to the idea there was someone near. (We should pause here to note the ridiculous: that the first song to pop into my head once my mouth got over its dryness and could sing, was Bugs Bunny whistling Dixie, hands behind back, as he avoids being seen. Yes, I actually sang Dixie! Not wanting to go out on that song, I found a couple of sacred songs in memory and switched to them for better bear relating.) The long-legged yearling cub hung out long enough that the whole family had a chance to see him. A few days before, a bear had called and called loudly for an hour for someone, mama or cub. The yearling is here in this photo, more shy than at other moments, looking at us through brush. Is it here, telling bear stories, that I should mention my friend Janet and I had a bear spray escapade? We got away with nothing but laughs, and I would like to have video of us clawing our way out of the car, but let me just say that it's surprisingly sweet tasting along with the blinding sting.

Montana Summer 073

Potomac, Holtie and Hudson

Montana Summer 056

Wild Geranium in Bozeman

Montana Summer 012

Celebrating Mazie's birthday (2nd time around!) with cousin Eddie in Helena

Montana Summer 163

Kids' Skit at the Montana Herb Gathering outside of Butte 2010

Montana Summer 146

Guess what I have?

Montana Summer 169

Cami with Malia and Mazie after the kids' skit at the herb gathering

Montana Summer 143

Mazie Jane and Uncle Chuck

Montana Summer 133

Good friends Holt and Davis

Montana Summer 048

Sarah and Trent in Belle's kitchen in Bozeman


Trent and Cami at the Herb Gathering

Montana Summer 154

Playing with Papa at the Montana Herb Gathering

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  1. Ann Hays permalink
    July 16, 2010 11:03 am

    Enjoyed the new update and pics!! Hope you’re having a great summer. Had hoped to get up to my brother’s in West Glacier but doesn’t look that’s going to happen this summer. If you’re going to the park, look him up-Fred & Shelby Thompson. They live on the golf course. He would love entertaining you with some of his tales. He’s 75 and used to visit when I lived in Pulaski. Love to all. Ann

    • July 30, 2010 2:39 pm

      I mentioned your brother to my dad (Dave Renfrow) and he remembers meeting them and joking around with them about being the “new, improved West Glacier Thompsons” because there’s another long-time Thompson family there. Small world, huh? It’s a beautiful place up there and they’re surrounded by huckleberries right now.

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