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Ruby Valley Hot Springs

May 22, 2010

Ruby Valley Hot Springs, Nevada
A hot spring hillside near Nevada’s Ruby Valley Wildlife Refuge.  Just the right temperature in May and plenty of room to swim for hours. There are other hotter, smaller pools with quicksandy gumbo/silt around them – use a little caution. This big one is a playground – very deep and broad.  RVers should not take Harrison Pass if there’s been any rain recently – go around the north of the mountains instead. We brought ours in over a very long, rutted dirt road, and although the night we spent there was otherwise still and peaceful, a hint of clouds kept us aware.  If there had been a single raindrop we would have hightailed it down the long road out of there, middle of the night, to avoid being trapped for a week or more by the silty clay gumbo.  Remote, isolated, private.

Ruby Valley Hot Springs, Nevada
Ruby Valley Hot Springs, Nevada

Ruby Valley Hot Springs, Nevada

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  1. May 23, 2010 1:06 am

    I love seeing all these hot springs! We just spent a little time in the Boiling River in Yellowstone and it was awesome, as usual. The hot springs on the east side of the Sierras bring back memories of working as a Wilderness Ranger. On my days off we’d head out of the mountains and into the desert for a soak. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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