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Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

April 22, 2010

As we drink our coffee and the kids eat their oatmeal this morning, we’re looking out over a sandy fishing bay in Morro Bay, California. A dozen sailboats in white, pink, blue, brown, red bob gently and we see paddle boarders on their feet and slowly cruising past.

Holt has reminded us we promised to buy him a crab today to take with us for lunch, “one you tear apart and eat the pinchers”.  We ate seafood last night for my birthday and have just enough delicious clam chowder left in bread bowls today to make a second meal.  (The Flying Dutchman restaurant in Morro Bay is great – cold room and hard seats, but great view and beer and really excellent clam chowder and fish and chips.)  Then it’s north to San Simeon Point for hiking.

There’s a small parking area here on the bay that was quiet and welcoming, and some sort of ship horn moaned out on the ocean late at night.  I suppose in high traffic times it might be frowned on to sleep here but it worked out well for us.  And lucky us, there’s a tiny playground a hundred yards away so we can get a little exercise before starting off.

Did I say small playground?  I take it back – Morro Bay has one of the most imagination-stoking playgrounds we’ve seen complete with big climbing ships.  And there are coin showers next to it, always a great stroke of fortune.   Past the restaurant strip, there’s fantastic beach access, free, with recycling facilities everywhere (accepting everything recyclable – you’d be surprised how many containers in other places will only allow one or two types).  We saw a combination recycling bin / solar-powered trash compacter down at the bay.  I suspect they might allow quite a bit of stealth camping here and from a purely commercial standpoint, wisely so – we often buy groceries and fuel in welcoming towns (plus ate dinner out this time).  Trent and I each took Sally for striding barefoot runs down the beach to wear her out and distract her from the soft, slow ground hogs in the jetty.

Happy Earth Day!

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