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Spring Flowers

April 21, 2010

Ballinger Canyon, Sierra Madre mountains, coastal range central California

From weeks in the dunes of the Mojave, including celebrating Holt’s fourth birthday and an Easter Egg hunt preceded by a cowpie-flipping scorpion hunt, we turned Belle west through the flower-blanketed Sierra Madre mountains in central California, welcomed back into lusher territory by hikes through cheerful cowpen daisy and familiar lupine, prickly agrimony and watery sage, ubiquitous juniper sheltering tender clinging cleavers.  The kids ran up small peaks, their legs springy after weeks of effortful dune hiking.  Wishing out loud that I had collected a year’s supply of Mormon tea before we left high, drier country, not half an hour later we passed a huge shrub of it, taller than me, just waiting for harvest.

Now we find ourselves back at the ocean again.  Spent the last couple of days building elaborate sand villages for the tide to swallow up, climbing in eucalyptus trees’ sprawl, and ‘rafting’ a log in a stream.

Photos from the last few weeks are here.

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