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Hasta la vista, Vegas baby!

April 2, 2010

A package from my mom in Tennessee made it to Las Vegas in three days, one from Southern California has taken over eight. Go figure. Consequently, we spent a full week at Lake Meade. The weather was very agreeable, with nice warm days and bright full moon night above the lake.  We kept busy with some schooling, some swimming, some fishing and some coyote watching. They were everywhere, and fearless.  They even drank our dishwater one night.  Fortunately, Sally never found herself in too bad a spot and she did quite a bit of roaming at first, then curiously, tended to stay a little closer to home.

Back in Vegas and in need of RV services we found ourselves at the KOA @ Circus Circus for a second stay.  (Because it’s on the strip, it’s the cheapest place in town.) Our friend Connie again outdid herself by taking the kids for a visit to the Las Vegas Children’s Museum and an overnight. What did Cam & Trent do with that free time you might ask. Well, she also scored us a screaming deal on “Mystere”, an astounding Cirque du Soleil performance at Treasure Island. We even had a nice, quiet, leisure dinner beforehand. I’m not sure where Cam ate. Just kidding. We had some wonderful Indian food before taking in the late show. As all the Cirque du Soliel shows, they are an inspiring  physical marvel, though it’s tough (absurd!) to get a grasp for the very French influenced plot, who cares, it’s still fantastic and very entertaining. We loved it, and Thanks again to Connie. Not only for that, but the wonderful time she showed the kids  during our worry free date. We certainly don’t get a lot of those in this life style.

We’re running a few last-minute errands, stocking up, and heading west to Kelso dunes. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the city but all of us have grown weary of it as well. We need our space and the dunes and barefoot life beckon.   If it doesn’t get too hot, we’ll stay a week or more.

Met a really interesting guy at the beautiful Meadow Springs playground yesterday.  He had spent two decades in international security for our consulates overseas, traveled all around the world, and finally after 9/11 the pitch raised to such a fever that he became wary of the money ties leeching their way into his field.  He was in charge of testing and training for bomb-sniffing dogs and had some sort of falling-out with the people in charge of domestic security for the consulates here, in charge of Colin Powell and Greenspan’s security, for example.  The bomb dogs who protected them, he said, were so poor they missed 60 pounds of TNT he could have picked up with his own sniffer.  This was happening across the system due to financial interests, and he was so stressed out about the war profiteering and corruption he had a stroke and retired.  I had a feeling, after his detailed and measured stories, that this was the tip of the iceberg of his very full life.

We’ll be laptop-less for up to two weeks, so if you friends don’t hear back from us on email, that’s why.  Warrantied sound card repair.  We rely on internet access so much, we’re fortunate to be sitting relatively still while it’s gone.  See you on the flip side!

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