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Well, this was different.

February 1, 2010

IMG_7996 D J MJ and H at Airport Mesa_2

What a luxurious week we just had!  My folks flew down to meet us in Sedona to get a grandkid fix, and thanks to an abundance of unused timeshare points, landed a week at a beautiful resort there, Los Abrigados.  This week was neither barefoot nor bookish, and certainly not gypsy.  But was it fun!  Not only did we have the pleasure of their sorely-missed company, but get a load of our week:

hiking in the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona

yoga and world dance classes, fitness classes, eucalyptus steam room that made our skin tight, hot tubs, sauna

grandparent babysitters for multiple date nights.  And date mornings  😉

a whole town so friendly to dogs it makes one wonder if it’s coerced

king size beds, little kelp soaps, a dishwasher, TV, pretty little pathways and all the usual hotel amenities

for the kids:  eco-art class, mini-golf, life-sized checkers games, ceramic painting, and a salt-treated swimming pool warm enough to swim outside

garlic butter scallion pasta, gourmet vegetarian soup, sprouted whole grain chips, avocado smoothies and flourless chocolate torte

IMG_7995Airport Mesa family shot_1

It’s a week like this that makes us rethink our usual dreams of using our skills to help to build up a small, low-key, self-sustaining community of seekers and farmers and artists and wildcrafters and writers, where most folks live under the radar, working for barter or donation.   There is something to be said for money and living near it.

Those same skills of ours that could be useful in a bare bones community (healing work, natural building, spiritual mentorship, yoga and fitness teaching and rehab/personal training) are in high demand by tourists and other moneyed folk.  And in those communities, the influence of the dollar brings in classes, concerts, speakers, organic food, and opportunity.  And funky cute clothes.

Hmmmm.  Will we sell out?  Is it selling out?  There’s something a little icky about Sedona, about all that money masquerading as spiritual purity, about the closing off of gorgeous public lands to those who can’t afford the steep land-use fees, about people charging others to hold their hand on a soul-searching hike when that same activity is the birthright of us all, about the pretense of healers who posit their way is THE WAY rather than one way.  But at the same time there’s something awfully sweet about being compensated highly for your skills, getting some great myofascial work, and walking down the street for a cup of carrot miso ginger soup on your way to hearing a famous lecturer.  And I will say this:  people who live there seem to love it.

I have a feeling we couldn’t stomach living that way for long.  But it’s nothing we need to decide right now.  We’re still following our noses with no plans to stop.  The kids were both lonely for Belle while we were in the resort and, charmingly, missed their little cab-over bed and we’re happy to be coming to Joshua Tree tonight for a little isolation.

Oh, I’ve grown so soft!

Hope everyone caught the astoundingly bright and close full moon and Mars combo the other night.   Wolf moon!  OOWWWOOOOOO!

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  1. Ann permalink
    February 10, 2010 9:55 pm

    Hi Kids, Doesn’t seem like it would be selling out. Why can’t the two ways live side by side, take what’s good from both worlds,and add to both?? Just a thought. Love, ann

  2. Morgan Hayes permalink
    February 15, 2010 12:26 am

    Hi you travelers; Morgan and Barb are in Laughlin, Nevada right now and are wondering where you are. We left home on Dec. 17 and have been to Calif., Arizona, New Mexico and now Nevada. Let us know where you are headed and maybe we might be headed same direction. We don’t want to head back to Oregon till weather gets better. Hope to hear from you.

  3. Julie Rae permalink
    March 14, 2010 7:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing the world of wonder you are traversing. Fun to see a pic of your parents Cami, and of course, Maisy Jane and Holt, tall one he has become. Love and well wishes from a warm Missoula.

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