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A month enjoying Pulaski

December 19, 2009

This was a month of being part of a community of family and friends in Pulaski, Tennessee.Tennessee Nov Dec

The laptop had a little adventure and Dell fixed it right up so I’ll jump back on updating our languishing blog now that it’s back to us.

As for our time in Trent’s hometown in southern Tennessee, the longest he’s has had a chance to spent there since college – some highlights:

Not one but TWO full-feast Thanksgiving celebrations, abundant family, cousins running wild, conversation and catching up, complete with days of leftovers and hanging out together around the kitchen counter.  A whole month of warm, unhurried time with Terry and Elaine.

Tennessee RideOur whole group of friends celebrating, eating, drinking, horse riding, several times over the month, giving the kids and us a chance to enjoy extended friends and families and the entire entourage of cool kids. In fact, Mazie Jane and Holt were so comfortable they spent the night with friends a few times. Richard and LeighAnn Holt have always been a mainstay relationship for us.  (It’s no coincidence that our son is named August Holt – some fine families around here share the name Holt.)  One highlight of our month here was riding horses – smooth Tennessee walkers – through Fred Aymett’s property with Richard and Trent Holt and Trey Rackley.

Trent is overjoyed to have been here this month through the Tennessee state playoffs and to watch hometown Giles County Bobcats win the state championship in football.  The town is so very involved and supportive of their very athletic team and astute coach, it has been a major topic of the month around here.  Terry personally committed to warming his bench-with-a-view for TWO HOURS before every game in the rainy cold – certainly that kind of dedication has some effect on the team, doesn’t it?  Elaine and I did our part too, with brie and garlic and red wine at home.  Rah Rah!
Kids with Pop

We both picked up a bit of work while we were here, Trent building a screen room and installing windows. As for me, Pulaski seems to be changing and people are more interested in natural paths to healing than I’ve seen before. I’m most enlivened by a class led by Nedra and Bill Trebing which I had the good fortune to be a part of for a couple of weeks.

The kids and I have spent some creative and enjoyable time with good friend Brenda Kennamore who showed us about mosaic glass, loaded us up with her entire beading collection and inspired the kids and I with the potential projects we envision.   She would have given us her stained glass collection for mosaic projects (and highlight windows in our planned strawbale home – can you just picture it?) but somehow the vision of dozens of sheets of colored glass strapped to Belle’s fiberglass roof, rattling down dirt roads doesn’t seem wise so we had to pass.  We’re grateful for her company, and creativity in teaching us how to use some of all this.

I tried out a pole dancing class for the month there in downtown Pulaski, and with calluses and bruises from the very first day, I’ve got much new respect for the sheer strength, pain tolerance and athleticism of a good dancer.

Mazie and Elaine on the way to the NutcrackerWe spent a fun afternoon at the Nashville Childrens’ Museum with Elaine, and she took Mazie Jane to the Nutcracker Suite which was, predictably, a huge hit with the girl.

Sally had an adventure. She got something – a tree branch or cat’s claw – stuck through her eye, pulling the retina up away from the surface. It looked so cloudy within a few days we worried she’d lose it, but the vet scraped the dead surface off, we applied herbal antibacterial oil, and she looks clear and bright again with just a tiny blind spot.

That’s pretty much the run-down on the month, plus several good visits, walks with a friend and great uncle Collins, midnight conversations with Christi and Todd, a lot of fried catfish…

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  1. December 19, 2009 4:52 am

    Guess you left just in time…the last few days have been yucky, wet and cold. Loved your update on the blog…still have warm feelings for the time shared. Keep us updated, so love sharing your adventures.

    Love you all,

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