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Belle turns East

November 4, 2009

Just over a day ago, about seven-thirty at night while north of Sante Fe, we decided to call a winter hiatus to our southwestern wandering and head towards Tennessee for the rest of November. So that’s what we did, drove dang near to Texas that night. Yesterday we drove through Texas, stopped for a four hour break at Lake McClellan just west of the Oklahoma border to soak up the mid day sun and warmth, and yes the kids did swim, more than I would anyway for this time of the year. And, yes it’s true, they do everything bigger in Texas, like litter. Poor little pretty lake had trash all around it, diapers in the weeds and bottles floating in the water, even with garbage cans easily accesible. Shame. Moving east is a touch bitter sweet as we sure do enjoy exploring southwest country and have been wonderfully happy under its skies, but we could not be more excited about getting home to family. It will be a treat for all of us to pull Belle into the yard and plug her up for a few weeks. I haven’t had that much time at home since before I left for Montana back in ’93, and it sure makes my heart happy for the kids and grandparents. We’ll take the opportunity to get some chores done on Belle, like replacing the fuel lines for more Biodiesel friendly ones and other space managing projects. We’ll also try to get more time for Cam to continue her homeopathy studies, and refine our plan for the rest of winter, which we believe entails southern Arizona and California, and making efforts to generate funds so we can move on again in the spring.

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