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Oh My Gosh, she’s got Bankdy!

November 2, 2009

A story all parents can appreciate. We had just pulled up to Goblin Valley State Park for another day of hoodoo play, just after leaving the RV dumpsite a few miles back down the road, and we’re having a snack inside the camper when a small van pulled up a couple spaces away to the side of us. A lady gets out of the passenger side door and starts walking towards our camper. All of our curious eyes fall on her as she approaches and silently mouths, “is this yours?”, as she holds up Holt’s treasured, worn blanky. In unison we all say shockingly, “Oh my gosh, she’s got Bankdy!”, as it is called by its propieter. She had found it lying alone, in the middle of the road a mile or so back and thought it looked like an article that was loved by someone. We still have no clue how it got there, whether it was left on our bumper our tossed from a window(very unlikely). She had not come from the campground and only heard kids voices coming from our camper and thought she would just ask. As any parent, or anyone for that matter spending any time around a three year old who doesn’t have that something he or she is used to having can imagine, we were shaken with that crap your pants feeling of what might have been. Thank goodness for mothers recognizing something for more than just an old rag in the road.

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  1. pamala permalink
    November 3, 2009 4:48 pm

    What an amazing story. This woman probably had no idea that you’ll be telling this story the rest of your lives!

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