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Roadschooling and Musical Fuel

October 29, 2009
Run to Big Sky

journaling with inkpads, sculpting with beeswax

Her questions! Mazie Jane thinks about everything she knows, about the natural world, human nature, or the meaning and cycle of life or evolution or ecology, how things work…, before forming a well-thought-out question that challenges us to answer or find out together, and sometimes throws her own interesting theory in. I absolutely love it. Every time we hear one of these stumpers, and she carefully listens and mulls the answers to add to her store of overlapping ideas about the world, to build on or challenge later, we feel re-enforced that this travel is the absolute best education she could be getting this year.

To my delight, Holt’s word and letter and number awareness grows because he’s around for the short, well-timed learning sessions where we work with Mazie Jane, or when we play math or word games. He’s been exposed to so much variety this year. His natural sense of competition with Mazie, three years older, doesn’t hurt any. I haven’t really tried to ‘school’ him any but he’s eager to participate so we include him in his own right.

On the starkly different other hand, my six year old is singing along to P!nk’s “So What”. So, So what, I’m still a rock star. I got my rock moves. And I’m gonna show you tonight. Na na na na na na na, I’m gonna start a fight.
The first time she says, “You’re a tool” to anyone it will be long past time to curtail.

Musical fuel for our road trip is, loud and proud, just about anything by Michael Franti and Spearhead, and Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. Both of these artists, and Pat Green, too, have lyrics inspired by a glimpse of the greatest force in life. It runs as an undercurrent through many of their surface lyrics. And here let’s tout the gifts of Shel Silverstein too, another slighty ‘teched’ revolutionary and inspired wordsmith.

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