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Run to Big Sky

October 21, 2009

“Well, let’s just zip up to Montana and get her.” Zipping up to Montana, I don’t believe, is something normally done, at least not from Colorado, but thats what we did. We left Boulder a week ago today, landed in Bozeman the next evening for a sleepover with The Steens, and made Columbia Falls at the top of the state, two days later. “Her”, is our dog Sally, who wasn’t working out too well with a a couple of different foster homes we’d arranged, so we decided the right thing to do was go get her and make her a travel dog.  Besides, we’d already been to most of the dog un-friendly places, we hoped, and we were as close to Montana as we’d get over the next six months. So, off we went, making the most of a quick uncheduled diversion to happily see a few friends and family and hit our storage unit.  After a few days with the family in Columbia Falls(any drive is worth a visit with them), an overnight with the Grants in Missoula and a quick hug & hello with soon to be papa Gary Delp, we were on our way again.  Missoula remains one of our favorite cities anywhere and we look forward to coming back in late spring.  We’ve yet to find a cup of coffee that tops Bernice’s Bakery.  We crashed in Dillon and we’ll camp just south of Salt Lake tonight.  Thanks to Jim and Donna at Diamond Dog Kennels outside St. Ignatius for making Sally feel welcome in their own home for a couple of weeks before we got there, and have provided great advice and friendship over the years.  And to Carter and Jesse, Dave and Jane’s neighbors, for providing Sally with a real substitute family over the summer, and extending more than their share of patience.  As have Dave and Jane, from the day they met her.  The squirrels on CamiAmber Trail needed the exercise, but we’re happy to have Sal on board.

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