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More Sunshine, please!

October 12, 2009

Icy Belle

We woke yesterday to 18 degrees and about four inches of snow atop Belle and her surroundings and still coming down. Luckily, we had a full day of sun the day before to fully charge the batteries and allow us to run the heater fan all night. After a mug of good hot coffee, I braved the ladder to the top of the camper and cleared the snow from the solar panels. I was surprised to see the charging begin instantly, even with the socked in snowy sky. The panels certainly are sensitive enough to accept greater charging from those bright white overcast snow days than just rainy days. I expected to need to continue clearing the panels with the snow still falling, but the energy absorbed from the light is enough to melt the snow as it falls and the panels stayed clear amidst the falling snow. Problem is, it’s still not enough, even all day long, to fully charge the batteries to run the heat all night long, which we were afraid might be the case. You need at least partial to full sun to fully charge this time of year. One more night to go. I pulled the extra sleeping bags from the cargo hold below.

The batteries gave out sometime around three or four in the morning. We were blanketed enough to sleep well through the night, though no one was too quick to get out from beneath the covers the next morning. Cam showed us her breath in the air before she headed out for her last day of class and Mazie Jane and I pulled the covers up more. We decide it was a good morning to cook a big breakfast, and reap the benefits of some range top heat. Our bodies seem to be well aware of what was going on around them, Mazie Jane ate six pieces of bacon and three eggs and Holt and I followed suit. Now that Belle sufficiently reeked of bacon, as I was not about to open a window or waste the meekly charging batteries on the hood vent, we decided to hit the warmth of the pool. We swam for two and half hours, and this was the final touch to our already scaly skin from all the chlorine through the week.

I itch all over and watch as my southwestern tan literally falls off of me. When we returned to Belle, we were happy to see the batteries charged enough to run the heat up to a comfortable level as we got ready to push off and pick up Cam.


reunited with Jake Latendresse

We traveled  north Fort Collins and met up with my dear old friend J.K.,

who had treated us to a hotel room in old town Fort Collins. It was a true joy to see him after so long and the kids loved him, of course, and will talk about him forever, I’m sure.

Belle’s batteries were charged enough through

the day, along with the drive, to let her set with minimum heat running through the night. We almost hate to let her sit alone tonight, but it sure is nice to sprawl out and have a nice hot shower. We’ll visit more with J.K. in the morning, then start our way back south.

Solar does not work well in the north in winter. Full or even partial sun days are too sporadic to keep batteries charged enough to run heater fans. Duuhh! We knew this would be the case, and are fortunate to have gotten the amount we got to keep us going. If we hadn’t had those two or three days of sun spaced through the week, we could have had a much worse time.We do have the ability to run a generator if need be, but ours are portable, which would therefore be a bit more of an eyesore and earsore. They can’t run all night long, and they do little to charge the batteries as they run. Our choice, a good emergency fallback if needed.


School of Homeopathy - Boulder Sankaran Case Management Seminar



I’m just so grateful to have gotten this time for Cam, she has a Homeopathy glow. It is definitely her calling.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. MomE permalink
    October 12, 2009 11:43 pm

    I need pictures of you and J.K., pleaseeeeeeee!

  2. brie permalink
    October 17, 2009 12:45 am

    Love you guys! Pictures are so beautiful! Just talked to Chris- asked if I was OK-crying due to your beautiful pictures- life choices- hate this life right now- need more- jealous- 8 more weeks- freedom- LPN!!!!! jobs somewhere cool-maybe- now chris has a good job- hard balance

    • October 21, 2009 5:33 am

      Brie, you two are making your own choices in life, deciding what’s important to you and following the steps you need to get there. That is half the battle, isn’t it? Just making your own choices instead of narrowing your goals to fit your circumstances and surroundings. You have always done that and will have the power of your LPN soon to create more flexibility in your life – that’s part of the spiral of change that we have to go through periods when our vision outgrows our circumstances (ack, discomfort), and then we change them (relief). You will be in a spot with more freedom soon. Janet told me your mom is facing a battle and my good thoughts to go out to her and a big, big hug to you. Love, Cami

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