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Goblin Valley, Little Wild Horse Canyon, and Boulder

October 6, 2009

This will be very quick, as the sun didn’t shine today in Boulder so power is an issue.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

We have a new favorite state park, Goblin State Park in Utah –  A canyon and valley of sandstone hoodoos just the right weird shapes for climbing.  The kids were all over that place, climbing into a set of hoodoos to call to me from 30′ above, and then sprinting on to another, and we played mountain lion and explored the whole Seuss-like canyon, for four hours.  Five miles away is Little Wild Horse Canyon – a narrow slot canyon, another fantastic playground to scramble around.  We  needed to head on to Boulder for a homeopathic workshop. We will definitely return.

We saw old friend Paul Dail in Kanarraville Utah near Bryce and met his fantastic and growing family – Jennifer and Kira, who especially gave the kids enough attention to keep them charged up for days.

I will post some photos here when we get sun/power/battery recharging capabilities, but for now you can look at:

We saw dinosaur prints just north of Moab, huge Camarasaurus prints, and smaller, with three fast sharp-clawed toes, Allosaurus too.

Goblin Valley State ParkAllosaurus print

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