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Grand Canyon and Lake Powell

September 25, 2009
Two Ladies Outshine the Grand Canyon

Two Ladies Outshine the Grand Canyon

I’m convinced that no matter how often someone visits the Grand Canyon, it would always surprise with its massive size and color. A lot like seeing the Mission Mtns when you top Ravalli hill, but even more incomprehensibly enormous. Amazing sight. Cam and I had hopes of even a small hike a bit down into the rim, but alas, we have a very erratic three year old, so we settled for walking the South Rim. After we’d had our fill, Cam took the Piss and Vinegar Pill back to the camper, and Mazie Jane and I snuck off for an ice cream cone. She felt so special and has kept it secret, so far. We stopped at few other dazzling viewpoints on our drive to Desert View and the Tower Museum, which the kids loved. It was past six when we were pulling out so we opted to stay at the camp ground there. Cam had gotten us a Golden Access Pass which not only gives us free entrance into all National Parks and Recreation areas but also half price camping while there. It has already paid for itself and six buck camping is much easier to swallow when we have to. I’m sure I questioned that expenditure when it was made, but now am glad to take full responsibility for it.

The next morning (yesterday) we drove north to Page, Arizona, just below the Utah border. We intended on going further but there was nothing but desert between Page and our next destination, Zion National Park, so we stopped there. The campground at Lake Powell had the three things we’re always on the lookout for, laundry, showers, and great swimming along along a sandy beach, pink from the red rock surrounding the lake. We swam and wrestled hard, until we were shivering , past sunset. There are loads of international tourist in this part of the country. Seems like everyone we see or hear speaks a different language. This is the part of the country where the RV rental companies make their money, and from what we can tell it’s mostly from those international tourist. Must be the “American Way” to see the country as the rental RVs are too numerous to count.

We’ll swim again this morning before heading to Zion National Park in Utah sometime today.


Knowing the uniquely beautiful ecosystems of Glen Canyon were buried below this reservoir, and that many hearts were broken in the process, makes it a little less inviting.  Not too uninviting to swim, mind you, but this strikingly pretty lake does not have a joyful presence.

On a lighter note, when we crossed the border into Utah, Trent’s first comment was, “Now I don’t have enough wives.”  If we still had a three bedroom house to deal with, I’d whole-heartedly agree.


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  1. Richard Holt permalink
    September 27, 2009 1:33 pm

    Hey guys and gals. Glad to see and hear you are enjoying your travels. I received your VM the other day and understand you guys are going to be home for Thanksgiving. We just wrapped up another BDAY party for the fresh 40 year olds around here (Leigh Ann and Traci). We flew Vaughan in from Orlando and played a gig at the American Legion on Friday night, we all had blast and it was good to get to see Vaughan. He was ecstatic about getting to come home and see his dad.
    Been raining for days around here and can’t seem to get a break, the gound is saturated and makes a mess just going to the barn.
    Minor Hill horse was resheduled from last night to today, so we will be heading south later today.
    Boys are growing like crazy, Zach is as tall as me now and Trent is shooting up like a weed (almost as tall as LA) and has shed the baby fat. Both are playing football. Zach is starts on JV and Trent has been working real hard and gained a starting position as a seventh grader on the Bridgeforth team.
    Love you guys and gals, safe travels!

  2. George permalink
    September 27, 2009 5:05 pm

    Hi, y’all. Wow, you folks have been on the move this week. And from the pictures & blog entries, you are having some great times. We have fond memories from our visit to the area – Zion, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Cedar City, Parawon; If Cedar City was closer to a city, we’d probably be settling there instead of Albuquerque. Thank you for sharing your trip with pictures and blog entries, for those of us who haven’t “cast off”. Happy Trails.

  3. Kate permalink
    October 2, 2009 4:53 pm

    ALL RIGHT!!! What a TRIP you’re having. We’ve never been to Zion but have been wanting to go for years. Perhaps you could verify its awesomeness. Bryce Canyon, too.
    The kids are thrilled to get Mazie and Holt’s mail. Tess says her heart aches for Mazie.
    We’re sending some art your way this weekend,

  4. Ann permalink
    October 5, 2009 5:09 pm

    Hi Kids! Are you in Boulder? Give me a call!!!!! Ann

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