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Slide Rock, Sedona

September 23, 2009

After driving through 107 degree Phoenix two days ago, we came alive sleeping in the cool of Sedona.  Warning - Skunks!

Our campsite had a half dozen friendly skunks, with a little tail-raising dance that kept Trent and the kids on their toes.  Mazie Jane made a sign to warn the next campers of them.

Slide Rock - Sedonas Natural Waterslide

We started out yesterday at Slide Rock to play in the red rocks and cold natural waterslide.

This morning we’re at the Grand Canyon.

Camping last night we had a beautiful experience.  Elk thrilled with their bugling calls all around us for about an hour, near and far.  It reminded me a little of camping out with Dad (except under a roof instead of a tarp!) or of hiking into Dog Mountain to hear the rut with Mom and Dad – I can’t hear elk without feeling my folks’ presence with me, a nice feeling when they’re so far away.  Between all the excited coyote pups tasting a kill at Canelo, and the elk here, we’re hearing a bit of the wild we thought we left behind in Montana.

We’re on our way to Boulder Colorado for a homeopathy seminar and workshop Oct 5-11.  We are curious how we’ll react to the cold after all this heat.  Turned on the camper heater this morning for only the second time so far.  After the workshop we’ll head south again for the winter.

Ann Hayes, We’re hoping to see you when we come through.  Trent and the kids will have lots of time while I’m in class and Elaine mentioned you come through Boulder often.  We’ll get ahold of you when we’re there if we don’t hear from you first.

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  1. MomE permalink
    September 24, 2009 1:57 am

    I’m so jealous….I was in Sedona about 3 years ago. Sue and I won a trip to Scottsdale and drove to Sedona for a day. I really want to go back and spend more time in and around the area. It was such a lovely little town. How was the Grand Canyon? We did not do the Grand Canyon and should have………..just ran out of time. And Boulder! Love Boulder! Hope you get to visit with Ann while there.

  2. Ann Hays permalink
    September 26, 2009 6:58 pm

    Hi Cami, I’m about 40 min. from Boulder. Phone #’s 970-586-6532 or 931-638-0376. Give me a call if you get the chance. Maybe they could drive up to the Rockies for the day or I might could come down. Would love to see yall!!! Ann

  3. David Leamon permalink
    October 7, 2009 1:10 pm

    Hello Trent, Cami and younguns!
    Love all these cool pics. Jealous as hell that I am not sliding on that waterslide. Definetely have to do that one day!
    Elaine gave me your blog so I could see what you four are up to! I somehow am not a bit surprised that your wandering around the states in a RV! You’ve got guts my friend. It thrills me to see you so happy! Your littluns are precious! I will definetely save your blog in my favorites and check on you from time to time.Drive that RV to TN when ya get a chance cuz!
    Love to all…
    David Leamon

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