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Mexican Border at Naco

September 21, 2009
Border Crossing at Naco

Border Crossing at Naco

We had lunch in Mexico yesterday.  Drove down to little Naco, Arizona, and parked Belle and walked across the border.  Immediately after the fences, the first few businesses are dentists and pharmacies for people crossing from the States.

We ate under a canopy from a food van, chatting with the cook who comes over from Arizona every day to work in Mexico where her family are.  Many of the kids in the town on the Mexican side cross over for school every day in Arizona.  She gave us chunks of fresh membrillo (quince) with salt and lime, and fed the kids bean tortillas for free, and cooked us shredded beef tortillas with cilantro.  We soaked up our water within the first hour so bought a Fresca Fanta and  an orange Big to wash it down. A few kids tried to sell us chicle etc. and we bought them popsicles.

At the border station I asked who painted the children’s mural along the fence, but they didn’t know which school, Mexican or US, did it.  Most of the border patrol we’ve talked to along the way, and we have been stopped at road blocks a few times, have been friendly, kind, and decent.  This particular fellow seemed to be in it for the power though – he sneered about visiting Montana because of his fascination for the ‘Indian wars’, and pushed his chest out when talking about past military wars, his face filled with power tics – not the kind of fellow you want holding your future in his hands.  He felt that boots on the ground were the only way a fence would ever do any good, which I guess I do agree with – a fence is pretty pointless.  I questioned him about these ‘boots’ a bit and he said two guys ran through the fence right there at the station and outran him, just the day before.  “They’re marathoners, they are, and  you see we have to run all the way around this here (booth).”

If we want our country to be filled with ambitious, daring, healthy and hard working people I’d guess this particular little Darwinian scenario worked itself out so the best men won.  Boots on the ground only go so far too.  Life fills every crack in the rock face and blooms and grows.  Nothing is static — boundaries are temporary.

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