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Crossing the Mojave

September 9, 2009

We made our way through the Mojave desert yesterday.  Mid-day it was so hot we decided to rest Belle and ourselves, and ran our generators and air conditioning for the first time. Trent and I napped while the kids played in the camper, and even with the AC it was hot enough to lay very still.   Then we started back up and made our way across the rest of the Mojave, past Joshua Trees and chapparal, making it to a roadside in Needles for a toasty night’s sleep.   Winter may be a more inviting time to explore here.

I drove a little today, now that we’re in more straightforward country.  I feel all charged up from the ocotillo and creosote and salt cedar.  We even see Saguaros this afternoon near Yuma.   A lizard scurries across the road in front of Belle every once in awhile.  Stopped on the Colorado river to cool off, swim, wash clothes and bodies.  With our laundry on the line in the back bedroom, drying in the breeze, we hit the road again.

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