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Golden Gate II

September 7, 2009

A long day of eye candy today as we brought Jean’s car into San Francisco and spent the day on cable cars, at the Exploratorium, and Eating.  We also spent a considerable amount of time in line for the trolleys as it’s a tourist weekend.  Our cable car made one stop where they dropped the ‘grip’ out – the brake and gear – and put a new one in, right in the middle of an intersection.  Chinatown was where we spent the evening and the kids gave a good shot to their chopsticks as we ate the best green bean dish I’ve ever had.  The restaurant owner took quite a liking to Holt, who managed to stay awake hours past being ready for bed, just trying to keep his eyes open in case he missed anything, riding on my back.  Both kids have some birthday money left and Mazie spotted some silky red slippers in Chinatown she bought for herself, and Holt chose for himself a little play SF trolley.

All over the city we met friendly, helpful, interesting people, and I can’t express how much I enjoy having the diversity of humanity that San Francisco has.  Traveling with children opens doors.   We did also need to explain all the folks who needed to sleep on the sidewalks, which the kids didn’t find hard to understand.  Harder to understand was the guy sleeping with his head downhill on a very steep slope.  With needing to level the camper every stop, the kids are very aware of how much effort we make to keep our heads uphill and this one puzzled them.

I still remember hanging off the cable car side poles, breezily riding up and down the hills, when I was five – my favorite big city memory – and today Mazie Jane had the same experience.  (Given that I can’t get her to catch chicken pox, maybe this will do the trick like it did for me as we were leaving SF!)  Both kids were real troopers with all the hill walking and uncertainty of figuring out public transportation.  We saw curvy Lombard street from the top but with the crowds and waiting in line never did have time to walk it.  We’ll just come back and spend two days next spring when we’re up this way again, and spend a full day in Golden Gate Park then.  The city was foggy when we arrived and it burned off within half an hour – I heard people exclaiming about the lucky beautiful weather.  Once again, when are these coastal cities going to begin sponsoring our journey?  We have had the good fortune of bringing (or chasing?) sunshine to beach after beach.

Golden Gate Bridge and Us and the Woman with the Tightest Pants in the World

Golden Gate Bridge and Us and the Woman with the Tightest Pants in the World

An excellent, joyful visit with Jeannie and Penny and Imants yesterday – and we got to meet Lynda’s son Patrick too.  It is so nice to put places, relationships and faces together after hearing for so many years about our relatives’ lives down here.  We’ll have some photos up soon.  Jeannnie had fun kids’ things scattered around the yard so they found hoola hoops, jai alai, a swimming pool…  not to mention hot dogs and ice cream, and the fabled tortoise C’est Moi.  The gardens are beautiful, these Mediterranean plants alluring, and Penny is going to have a tranquil place to enjoy when she moves in.  Jeannie and Penny plied the kids with perfect toys that will keep them busy for hours in the long driving days to come this week (Holt now has a hotwheels camper he’s very proud of that looks like Baby Belle), helped them pick veggies for lunch, and helped them build a fairy house.

Speaking of which, Mazie Jane is ecstatic that she left a rose petal out last night for the full moon fairies, and found sparkly fairy dust footprints on it today.

It’s almost 1am and we’re just getting back to Jean’s.  Will sleep in a bit in the morning, have some coffee with Jean, bathe the kids and say our goodbyes, then we’ll need to drive hard for several days to get down to Arizona in time for our strawbale building workshop to start next Saturday.  So far, two hours of driving has been a big driving day for us, and no driving  is even better, so these long miles will be a switch.  (In winter when it’s cooler we’ll visit Mary Ann and John and Dawn and girls in the deserts east of LA and will see Trey then too. )

gotta go -we’re home!

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  1. Mom permalink
    September 8, 2009 12:32 am

    Ha! Sunday, Aunt Jean wrote to say u weren’t home from San Francisco by 7 in the evening. Little does she know the energy the 4 of you can generate. Can imagine all you saw and enjoyed in that great city. Can we meet you there next spring?
    No more steep hills for the RV’s suffering brakes until you reach Arizona now.
    Love Mom

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