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Cob Cottage Company

August 20, 2009

Another stroke of good fortune, as we thought Sunday morning to call this knowledgeable cob organization, the Cob Cottage Company in Coquille to see if we could stop by at this late notice to see their buildings and setup.  They happened to be having an open house, tours of their grounds and the permaculture-focused intentional living community above them,  and there was a potluck dinner so we threw together a quinoa salad, stopped for showers at a state park (thank you, Oregon) and hustled over for a very enjoyable afternoon, learning, meeting really exceptional people, and enjoying the campfire and music at night and breakfast the next day.  Made several friends we’d like to see again, and I know we’ll be back at one of Ianto and Linda’s workshops next year.  There were no other kids there so ours were given lots of love and attention.Cob Cottage Company, living roof Max Edleson is an artist and natural builder, going on the road to share his skills.  He’s shown below baking bread in the cob oven, and if you’re in the Pacific Northwest and need someone to help you build a creative, uplifting space, check him out.  His friend Ankur, another fascinating soul, wrote a one-of-a-kind cookbook from his experiences opening a little gift-economy donation-based restaurant in Brazil.

We saw a herd of blacktail deer tonight, here in Takilma a very unique little area in southern Oregon.  Neat people live here so we thought we’d stop to explore – this is certainly the world capitol of old converted buses, all styles and colors parked in yard after yard, one double decker.  Also saw a really neat tree house resort, the Out n About, which was busy and very imaginative.  Holt’s favorite, though, was the wooden ship in the forest, which he pretended to be taking out fishing and crabbing, with great detail and enthusiasm.

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  1. Ann Hays permalink
    August 25, 2009 8:02 pm

    Cammie, Your blogs are fabulous!! Ann


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