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Well fed and entertained, South again

July 7, 2009

We spent the next two days after our last post in the sunshine and cool water at Grand Coulee, Holt playing with his little boat for hours and Mazie climbing and jumping from the tall dock with the bigger kids. The water was the most inviting we’ve been in yet this year and we’ve all had hours of swimming, naps and reading time and are feeling our way back together to fun as a family after a very busy two months. I see redneck culture is still going strong in eastern Washington.

Since the Fourth we’ve been in easy breezy Hood River, Oregon and had a chance to practice our ice cream eating skills with Charlie, hog the Warren washing machine, visit the Portland Zoo, gorgeous Multnomah Falls, and Hood River and Portland’s markets, and to windsurf briefly in a gentle breeze (exactly enough to seduce one further into the sport, but not enough wind to remind me how much of a beating it can offer).  Mazie Jane went out on a board with Charlie again this year, and this time she stood up and balanced.  We rode Portland’s light-rail trains around the city – what a dream getting around, and constantly entertaining people-watching.  Will be back in Portland once more for a few visits with dear friends in a week or two, but for now we head south toward Eugene’s Country Fair.  Always wonderful seeing Charlie and Steph and the boys and that beautiful Gorge area.

Off tomorrow for more camping, south this time.  Holt is busy every time we stop long enough to get his bike out – he has learned how to ride a two-wheel bike, and gave his scoot bike away last week. He just turned three in the spring and despite being pretty big he looks so small on his bike, in his helmet, with his legs steadily pumping, turning breath-catching tight little turns – he’s an independent rider already even on gravel roads but we’re still watching him on steep hills – he’s dragging the toes off his pink crocs stopping instead of using the brakes.  For anyone who loves a toddler, I can’t recommend enough the pedal-less bikes that are popular in Europe instead of training wheels.  Holt’s had one since he was two and it taught him to turn, balance, and handle a bike – all he was waiting for were legs strong enough to pedal.

Recycling in the camper is an issue – both space for storage, and disposal.  One more task to always be on the lookout for:  black water dumps, drinking water, showers, laundry, biodiesel, playgrounds, dumpsters, organic groceries and recycling bins.

One more thank you we forgot, and remembered with joy during the heat of the day at Grand Coulee, was to Bob Holman for use of his shop and tools as Trent worked on our awning.  It is heavenly to have that little shady area under the awning, a woven mat thrown out to make it feel like an outdoor room, to read or play or cook.

At the country fair we expect to run into a good knowlege base to convert the RV for the next step, waste veggie oil.

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  1. Kate permalink
    July 7, 2009 6:53 pm

    It’s fun reading about your travels. You’re really LIVING, and I think it’s great. Love you all,

  2. Todd permalink
    July 13, 2009 2:26 pm

    I can’t wait to see the rest of your trip. It is so cool to be able to keep up this way. Those black and whites of the kids are priceless!! Be safe! Love you all!!

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