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And we’re off after a bit of goodbye

July 2, 2009

We now have internet access, sleeping kids and a minute to sit – on our way to Grand Coulee Dam in eastern Washington, to rest and play for a day or two and find a good site before the crowds of the Fourth.

We have been fixing the camper up to our needs and liking. It was owned previously by people who camped only at full plug-in sites and we have been busy assembling the puzzle pieces to make it dry camping-worthy. Deep-cycle house batteries, solar panel, generator(s), inverter (Thanks, Ed) have had us both busy researching and Trent busy installing.

Not to mention the work on the truck beneath it all – alternator, 10-ply tires to hold the load, cooling system work, chassis batteries, and it goes on.   Next on the list is shocks, thermostat, the fuel conversion to run veggie oil.Leaving Montana 012

Trent also installed an awning and ripped out the overhead entertainment center, installing windows so it’s now a lovely bedroom for the kids, thanks largely to Mom who sewed, painstakingly and without swearing audibly, beautiful curtains that now enclose the kids in a cozy den so dark they sleep solid.

Huge thanks to my parents in Columbia Falls for great company and help during a few weeks of houseguests or driveway neighbors, and to Gary and Becky for use of the Potomac land and shop and gracious fun, and Finn for his sweet little cabin.

This is pretty country.  Mazie Jane wants to camp in a field of wheat.  We’re all hungry so I”ll go get something together.  More soon from the rest of us.


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  1. Charlie permalink
    July 2, 2009 4:22 pm

    Be sure to check out Dry Falls while you are there. It should be just south of you.

    Let us know when you are heading through. Hood River has a great fire works display and you can park at our place.

  2. Mom permalink
    July 3, 2009 2:20 am

    Great to hear you are on the road. I’m making hot cocoa to think about your campfire and clear skies tonight (even though we had 90 degrees today).
    Sally is a happy dog here. She has the whole neighborhood caring for her. She comes up only once in awhile to sit with me on the back porch. Is perfectly content to play with Neptune in the Rumsey’s yard. Jesse and Carter leave for Oregon tomorrow. They have a housesitter for most of their time away.
    Only two pieces of mail for you so far. I’ll send it on to Charlie in the morning.

  3. July 5, 2009 5:00 am

    Just happened upon your blog in my search for info on camping in Washington. Looking forward to reading more about your adventure! We take a ride every Friday to explore Washington (our new home since April of this year), and when we have more days off, we try to camp. We are planning a trip to Grand Coulee ourselves on one of our next trips.

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